Nikola Matić – Croatian and destination wedding photographer

Hello! I am Nikola. I live in Croatia's capital Zagreb.

I have never planned to be a photographer. Ten years ago I bought my first camera and that was the moment when my story of a destination wedding photographer began.
I have a wife and four children, who are the most precious people in my life and my daily inspiration. 

I'm shy, but my face is always like a big smiley. I am also very simple and honest, and so is my work. 
I believe that the pictures I take say a lot about my personality.  I'm a traveler and storyteller.

I portray the world by using lights in a series of photos, always looking for a different way. 
Being a wedding photographer is not just about capturing special moments, but it is also about documenting love.
This is a short story about me, and now I would like to hear yours. Contact me. 
Oh, have I mentioned that I am a former military pilot?  Well, perceiving the world from the bird’s eye view wasn’t just enough for me. Taking photos allows me to see the world from every possible angle!